Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel & Partners With the Ultra-compact Dekton Surface at Milano Design Week 2015

Milan, April 14th 2015 – Cosentino Group, global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, astonish visitors of Milano Design Week with an extraordinary installation: Deep Words Light, born from the collaboration between Cosentino and Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners.

The project, completely designed with the ultracompact surface Dekton® by Cosentino, will be shown as part of the event “Interni, Energy for Creativity 2015” taking place in the courtyard of the University of Milan from April 13th to May 24th.

Deep Words Light, inspired by the Teatro Olimpico of Palladio, creates an outdoor theater in the largest courtyard of the University of Milan, with four Dekton® steles that form the backdrop for an ideal stage in the 17th-century portico.

The material used to make these “wings”, the ultracompact surface Dekton®, is a mixture of raw materials that is used to manufacture glass, porcelain materials and quartz surfaces. The Dekton® surface can recreate any type of material with a high level of quality. It is manufactured in large format (320 cm x 144 cm) and thin thicknesses (0.8 cm, 1.2 cm and 2 cm).

Each stele is composed of 15 slabs measuring 142 x 320 cm to form an enormous panel with a triangular base 2.84m long, for a final height of 9.60m. Supported by a ballasted metal structure, they are balanced at the base by a large platform, 17.50 x 7.35m, that symbolically becomes the stage of the theater itself, while distributing the weight and stabilizing the steles thanks to a concealed inner structure.

Each of the slabs of the long sides of the structure is customized with a text engraved with an innovative milling technology developed by the Cosentino R&D department.

The personalization engraved on the huge steles is further emphasized by the oblique lighting from the base, thanks to the LED lighting built into the platform. 

Finally, the stage – the 17th-century portico – takes on a theatrical red hue through the use of specific lights, in the evening, that create an ethereal backdrop, almost the opposite of the great materic impact of the “sculptures” in Dekton®.

Deep Words Light is a way to narrate the city of Milano, its history, its cultural, social and economic world, not in a habitual way, during the year of the Expo in Milan, on the global stage. “There’s a need to abandon sophisticated communicative languages aimed at sector professionals, and reach out to make the extraordinary world of international creativity and a production system on a European scale accessible to a different, non-habitual audience, which we attempt to persuade thanks to the miraculous continuity our city is able to generate between its history and the most extreme frontiers of modernity”, said architect Antonio Citterio.

The University of Milan, home of literature and law, is perhaps the place of excellence of this phenomenon. The installation is like an open theater to present the architecture of the Richini courtyard in a sculptural design produced with a sophisticated technology of a highly innovative ultracompact surface like Dekton®.

The 10 meters high partitions, sorrounded by the17th-century portico, bring the words of the Italian culture into the composition in the light and shadow of the engraving of the mass. Ancient and modern letters, philosophy and law, taught in this place of research and study, make their voices be heard through light, shadows and perspectives constructed by the panels that bear these fundamental texts, engraved on their cladding. No images, no forms, just the weightless light of deep words.






FROM APRIL 13th TO 19th 2015


Moreover, Cosentino is present in Milan exhibiting the Twilight Collection made with the ultracompact surface Dekton® by Cosentino. 

Twilight is a collection of table accessories and outdoor candleholders designed by Monica Förster Design Studio for Bianchi Café & Cycles and will be presented by Cosentino during the Milan Design Week 2015. 

Dekton®’s unique resistance to heat and thermal shock have inspired the designer to create the collection. “Dekton feels like a Hi-Tech, futuristic material. The material’s unique qualities; its resistance to heat, thermal shock and the fact that it is ultracompact makes it a very exciting material for me as a designer to explore. We have therefore created a collection which is based on these qualities”, explains Monica Förster.

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Deep Words Light images will be available starting from April 14th.






Cosentino Group celebrates its Asia-Pacific Distributors Convention in Indonesia

Cosentino Group is currently celebrating a new edition of its Asia-Pacific Distributors Convention, which brings together the key figures of Cosentino distribution companies as well as the company’s own team in this area.

Entitled “APAC 50 Summit” the Convention, held in Bali (Indonesia), welcomes nearly 70 attendees from 10 different countries (Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand). Representatives from the Group´s management team include Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino Alfonso, Corporate Sales Director and Ginés Navarro, Sales Director for Asia, Pacific and Direct Sales.

In addition to reviewing key business strategies for 2015 and analysing the situation of each market, this year the growing importance of this geographical area for the Spanish multinational has been highlighted, which has a growing direct presence. Currently, Cosentino Group has three centers in the Asia-Pacific region in Australia, two of them opened last year, two Cosentino City (Sydney and Singapore), an Associated City in Malaysia and a sales office in Japan.

Silestone Turns 25


Video 25A:

This year Silestone® celebrates 25 years of providing homes around the world with design, quality and style. Silestone® was created in 1990 and came in a limited range of six colours that were only available in Spain. Today there are more than 60 colours and the brand is available in more than 80 countries spanning six continents. Constant commitment to innovation, product diversification and international expansion has led the multinational company based in the Spanish province of Almería to increase its capacity from a single production line to the 11 that exist today. Silestone® is now the market leader in quartz surfaces, with a worldwide distribution network of more than 90 Cosentino Centres.

To commemorate this anniversary, the Cosentino Group held an event at its Cantoria headquarters yesterday in which Cosentino’s founders, the Martínez-Cosentino Justo Brothers, the executive board and a group of employees celebrated 25 years of the brand’s history. Special mentions went out to almost 60 people who experienced the creation of Silestone® first hand.


At this emotional ceremony, the Cosentino Group’s founders, brothers Francisco, Eduardo and José Martínez-Cosentino Justo, wished to show those present at the event their gratitude for the effort and enthusiasm shown to them over the years. “Without your invaluable collaboration, it would not have been possible to have taken Silestone® to the leading position it enjoys today. You have set an example for all of us and represent the company’s true spirit,” said Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, Chairman of Cosentino, in his speech.

The creation of Silestone® in 1990 was a revolution for the stone industry and for professionals working in the sector. The new material came about through the determination to combine the best of natural stone in a single surface with one-of-a-kind physical and mechanical qualities, which was made possible thanks to Cosentino’s strategy of research and innovation. All the improvements developed in its performance have led to the consideration that Silestone® is more than just a simple material for decoration or construction, but one that brings new concepts in design and colour to kitchens in particular, and more recently to bathrooms.

Silestone® allows the creation of exciting designs ranging from the most beautiful kitchen work surface to the most innovative commercial project owing to its extremely wide range of colours, unique finishes and unrivalled technical and aesthetic properties.

To mark this 25th anniversary, Cosentino is extending its warranty on Silestone® from 10 to 25 years on any work surfaces purchased after January 1st 2015.

Another important change has been the inclusion of the Eco product line as a new Silestone® series, known as Silestone® Eco Line. It consists of 11 colours manufactured with at least 50% recycled materials such as glass, porcelain and vitrified ash, among others. The Silestone® Eco Line series also contains an environmentally friendly exclusive partially vegetable resin.

Essential to the development and growth of the Silestone® brand has been the role played by the company’s collaborators, customers and, naturally, end users.

As the Group’s chairman Francisco Martínez-Cosentino rightly pointed out: “The international recognition achieved through the Silestone® brand and Cosentino company over these 25 years has made the names of Almería, Andalusia and Spain become better known around the world.”

Important events in the history of Silestone®

1990 Silestone® is created in only six colours: Apollo Grey, Mars Red, Electra Blue, Medea Green, Olympus Beige and Thebes Black. The range currently extends to more than 60 colours and three innovative textures.Cosentino has a single Silestone® production line. Today there are 11 production lines for the product and a daily production capacity of 4.000 sheets.
1992 For the first time in its history, Silestone® collaborates with two great mass events: the Barcelona Olympics and Expo 92 Seville.
1997 Silestone® crosses the Atlantic through the creation of its subsidiary in the United States.
2000 Cosentino opens its first subsidiary in Brazil (Latina Vitoria) and marketing of Silestone® begins in Latin America.
2002 Silestone® reaches Asia through the Chinese market.
2002 Cosentino UK+IE subsidiary launches
2004 Cosentino creates bacteriostatic protection for Silestone®.The prestigious TIME magazine considers the brand as one of the technological innovations of the 21st century.
2005 Cosentino, through its Silestone® brand becomes the first Spanish company to advertise during the Super Bowl, one of the world’s most highly watched sporting events.
2008 For the first time, Silestone® collaborates with a leading figure in world sport: Fernando Alonso.
2009 Cosentino launches its Eco product (now named Silestone® Eco Line series) combining the highest level of design, performance and properties in one decorative surface, together with a genuinely green and sustainable component.Cosentino launches the Silestone® Bathroom Collection with its innovative large-format concept, greatly reducing the number of joints.
2010 Cosentino lauches the Integrity® sink, setting a benchmark for the industry with the first three-dimensional product made from a single piece of Silestone®.Marketing of Silestone® begins in Africa.
2011 Marketing of Silestone® begins in Australia.
2012 Silestone® continues to innovate through a new texture: Suede.

Annual Cosentino 100 Stone Leadership Summit Report

Cosentino Group brings Together Top North American Customers

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (February 17, 2015) – Last week the Cosentino Group (, a global leader in the production and distribution of natural stone, quartz, recycled and architectural surfaces, hosted its top customers from the U.S. and Canada for “Cosentino 100” – one of the largest manufacturer conferences in the industry.  This year’s event, which took place from February 10-14 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, touted the highest attendance in its history with more than 300 attendees from 115 independent companies.

Cosentino Group President Paco Francisco Martínez-Cosentino and CEO of Cosentino North America (CNA) Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino shared their vision and the company’s 2015 business strategy, which includes continued expansion in North America with plans to open nine new Cosentino Centers for a total of 39 North American centers.

“Each year, Cosentino 100 serves as a meeting of the minds for our industry’s thought leaders—where we all align and seize the innovation Cosentino is driving,” said Eduardo Martinez-Cosentino, CEO of Cosentino North America. “These conversations deepen our relationships with our top fabricators and distributors so that we can provide them the best service and most innovative products available.”

The recent introduction 8mm-thick Dekton also spurred discussion of innovative applications, such as flooring, wall paneling in high-moisture environments like the bath, as well as exterior facades. As a result, Cosentino plans to continue engaging key industry leaders n the interior design, architect, building and remodeling industries.

“Dekton embodies Cosentino’s passion for innovation and our commitment to help fabricators and distributors take their businesses to an entirely new level,” said Lorenzo Marquez, VP of Marketing for Cosentino North America. “Cosentino 100 gives us unique, personal access not only to educate our customers on what’s to come, but to celebrate our shared growth to come.”

In addition to providing sneak-peeks at never-before-seen prototypes at the C100 Tradeshow, attendees attended educational sessions on design trends, marketing, and generational behaviors. A digital showcase invited attendees to experience Cosentino’s latest technology tools, including 3D home simulators and a digital warehouse, that empower tradespeople and homeowners alike to take design inspiration and product specification to an entirely new level. Industry partners such as Home Advisor, Breton, CNS Fabrication Ltd., Comandulli and Grandquartz, among others, also exhibited.

Cosentino Group and Monica Förster launch a collaboration at Stockholm Design Week 2015

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Cosentino launches a brand new collaboration with Monica Förster Design Studio during Stockholm Design Week 2015. The first part of the collaboration is a table accessory collection called Twilight, made entirely of Dekton. The collection will be presented in an exhibition at Bianchi Café & Cycles in Stockholm.

Cosentino Group is the global leader in natural stone and innovative surfaces for architecture and design. In 2014 Cosentino Group launched Dekton, a material with huge potential for the architecture and design field. Twilight is a collection of table accessories and outdoor candleholders designed by Monica Förster Design Studio for Bianchi Café & Cycles. Dekton’s unique resistance to heat and thermal shock have inspired the designer to create the collection.

“Dekton feels like a Hi-Tec, futuristic material,” said designer Monica Förster. “The material’s unique qualities; its resistance to heat, thermal shock and the fact that it is ultra compact makes it a very exciting material for me, as a designer, to explore. We have therefore created a collection which is based on these qualities.”

The collection consists of two families, Tealight and Moonlight. Tealight is a collection of trays, with an integrated tealight holder, which creates a nice ambiance. The Tealight collection includes a tealight holder as well as a coaster for oil and vinegar.

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The other family, Moonlight, is a collection of candleholders in two sizes. The key to this collection is the contrast between light and shadow. The Moonlight collection is made of three different shaped sides that interact with each other. This creates a movement that makes the object look different depending on which angle you are viewing it from. By turning the torch holders in different directions, it is possible to create numerous variations within the world of illumination.

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Since Dekton is extremely compact, it is easy to wipe clean if it gets dirty by the smoke from the outdoor candles. The products are made in 8 mm and 12 mm Dekton in the colours Irok, Zenith, Domoos and Sirocco. 

Twilight is a collaboration between Cosentino Group, Monica Förster Design Studio and Stengruppen, designed specifically for Bianchi Café & Cycles. The installation will be launched on February 2 and is open to the public until February 20 at Bianchi Café & Cycles terrace in central Stockholm. Monica Förster is the recipient of the Designer of the Year by presented by Elle Decoration in February 2015.

“House of Dekton” A Cosentino Project by Steffen Kehrle

 The Cosentino Group is presenting this year 2015 the ‘House of Dekton’ project by designer Steffen Kehrle at the following European shows:

  • BAU – Munich: 19-24 January, Hall A4, Booth 301
  • SFF – Stockholm: 3-7 February, Hall A42:16
  • Made Expo – Milan: 18-21 March
  • Construmat – Barcelona: 18-22 May

Cosentino Group, world leader in the production of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, launched last year Dekton®; a surface material whose dimensions are huge, and not only with respect to slab sizes. “The material’s many outstanding qualities offer both architects and interior designers totally new options, and it is these options we want to showcase with the ‘House of Dekton’”, says designer Steffen Kehrle. Featuring outstanding aesthetics, the House of Dekton combines the many different possible applications of Dekton. The 14-sided house is made entirely of Dekton: floors, walls, roof, seating and a corresponding 14-sided table as the central element are all made from Dekton.




Flexibility is not only demonstrated in the material itself but also in the central table that is used as a counter, a meeting point or a ‘playground’: Dekton kits containing screwdrivers, lighters and aggressive cleaning agents are supplied so that visitors can test the surface’s outstanding resilience for themselves. The material’s properties are also communicated via icons engraved in the wall and floor panels, removing the need for additional information boards.

The walls are made from large-format Dekton slabs (1.44 x 3.20m), arranged next to each other as in a house of cards. The entire Dekton house is in the ‘Danae’ colour finish, an elegant cream shade, reminiscent of travertine limestone. Only the central table with its 15 different shades mirrors the entire colour palette in which Dekton is currently available. The space has an almost sculptural feel and, besides serving as a source of information, it is also a meeting place featuring a continuous circular bench along the interior wall that invites visitors to sit down and stay for a while. A dimmable dome light in the ceiling contributes to creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. A ‘sky’ of ceiling lights with a diameter of 1.5m illuminates the house in such a clever way that almost no shadows are created.

With the ‘House of Dekton’, Steffen Kehrle has created a place where visitors, architects, designers and clients can meet and experience Dekton. The project provides a powerful direct experience of the multiple options provided by this product.“With Dekton, Cosentino has launched a very exciting high-performance material, a true all-rounder. There are no limits to your imagination, everything can be created in one single integrated design: for architects and designers, this is pure heaven”, says Steffen Kehrle.

When designing the House of Dekton, Steffen Kehrle opted for a round shape that is reminiscent of many examples from history: the Pantheon and Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House, but also of early dwellings like the tepee or even of a circus tent and, last but not least: of a house of cards.

Cosentino’s Andalusian home is also referenced in the house: the Dekton slabs to the left and right hand side of the entrance are decorated with an engraved pattern based on the House of Dekton floor plan and reminiscent of traditional Moorish tile patterns from the south of Spain. This kind of treatment is just one example of the many ways in which Dekton can be personalised. Additionally, the specially developed production technology allows the creation of customised colours, textures, patterns or finishes.

Rafa Nadal, the worldwide face of Dekton® by Cosentino


Cantoria (Almería, Spain), 15 January 2015.- The ultracompact surface for the world of architecture and design, Dekton® by Cosentino, is launching its new advertising campaign together with Rafa Nadal as the face of the brand. The framework for the agreement signed between the multinational company and the tennis player from Majorca at the end of 2014, through which Cosentino has become a sponsor of the “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar” project, also includes the use of his image for advertising purposes. The campaign launch will take place simultaneously worldwide.

Under the title “DEKTON. UNLIMITED.”, the campaign presents the perfect combination of Rafa Nadal, whose talent, strength and versatility on any surface have made him a world leader in sport, and Dekton®, a product made unique by its resistance, advanced technology, durability, versatility and beauty. Dekton® and Nadal areunlimited.

Just as a match is won stroke by stroke, forcefully, putting one’s rivals and oneself to the test, Dekton® is subjected to unlimited force every day, with its uses and applications, technology and design being put to the
test. The ultracompact Dekton® material forms the perfect partnership with designers and architects from all over the world for any interior or exterior project and with the highest guaranteed reliability.

Its excellent properties, such as high mechanical resistance; good thermal shock resistance; very good colour
stability; high resistance to scratching, staining, abrasion, UV rays and hydrolysis; and reduced wáter absorption means that Dekton® can be used on kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities, wall and floor treatments, furniture, façades and any other exterior surface. The new advertising campaign entirely reflects this versatility for applications that Dekton® offers, placing the tennis star in two large sets, one indoors and
the other outdoors, which are completely covered with the new ultracompact surface in the shades of Aura (white with grey veining on worktops and walls), Zenith (matt white on interior and exterior floors) and Strato (grey on wall).

The “Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar” project, the tennis academy the sporting figure is soon to open in his home town of Manacor, Majorca, will also be an example of all the architectural and design possibilities Dekton® offers, as this material will be used on façades, floors and other surface treatments.

According to Santiago Alfonso, Director of Marketing and Communications for Cosentino Group, “this new form of collaboration through which Rafa Nadal becomes the international image for Dekton®, our great contribution to the world of architecture and design, fills us with great pride. There are values that we undoubtedly share with Rafa, such as our daily effort, continuous innovation and the endless quest for leadership and success. We like to work with the best, and Rafa Nadal will help us make Dekton® a model of success for the world.


Advertiser: Cosentino Group

Product / Brand: Dekton® by Cosentino

Sector: Surfaces and materials for interior design and architecture

Original Idea/Concept: Nadie. Creative Knowledge: Damián Granados, Esteban Sosa (Cosentino Group)

Photography: Alberto Rojas Fotografia

Producer: Cosentino Group Marketing Department /Evolution BCN

Photographer’s assistants: Manuel Padilla (1st assistant) y Jose Antonio Gómez Morenate (2nd assistant)

Graphic Design / Layout: Esteban Sosa

Copy: David García

Production assistant, location scout: Miguel Sabiote

Wardrobe: Diesel

Stylist: Crearte (Guillermo García)

Hair & Makeup: Crearte (Guillermo García)

Digital retouching: Esteban Sosa

Sets and 3D retouching: Grupo A3 Comunicación

Model: Francina Models

Dekton® by Cosentino obtains ETA 14/0413 evaluation and CE marking as an external wall cladding of ventilated façades

Cantoria (Almería), 12th of January 2015.- Dekton® by Cosentino, the new ultracompact surface from Cosentino for the world of architecture and design, has obtained the European Technical Assessment (ETA) 14/0413 evaluation and the 1220-CPR-1459 certificate for CE marking as an external wall cladding for ventilated façades.

Dekton® by Cosentino is an ultracompact surface manufactured by means of a dry pressing process, with the largest press in the world created exclusively for Dekton® (25,000 tonnes), enabling the production of a large format slab (3.20 m x 1.44 m) and with extraordinary technical properties, such as high mechanical resistance, low water absorption, very good colour stability and very good dimensional stability, and high resistance to UV rays, stains, freezing and thawing. Owing these properties, the Dekton® surface can be perfectly incorporated onto façades by means of different types of concealed stainless steel or aluminium fixings. 

The Dekton® surface also comes in a wide variety of sizes, designs, colours and textures that allow buildings to be given a natural and customised aesthetic, and offering great versatility to their exterior design.

Cladding systems for ventilated façades allow thermal insulation to be incorporated via the exterior, which is a highly suitable alternative for improving the energy efficiency of new or retrofitted buildings. Additionally, the sustainable use of natural resources and respect for the environment are two aspects that Cosentino holds very present in the manufacture of Dekton®. These environmental aspects may be assessed in the future, when laws and harmonised European methods for their evaluation will be introduced, a field in which the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA) and the Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC) are currently working.

Assessement issued for Dekton®

The ETA makes it possible to issue a Declaration of Performance and the CE marking for products that are uncovered or partially covered by a harmonised standard. The ETA is issued by ITeC in its capacity as a Technical Assessment Body (TAB) and is approved in the context of the EOTA. ITeC is a body that has been authorised to assess unregulated and innovative products as a member of EOTA since 1996 and has been designated as a TAB under the new regulation EU/305/2011 since March 2013 for all product categories covered by it.

The ETA issued for Cosentino includes the characterisation and experimental evaluation of the Dekton® surface for use as external wall cladding for façades: wind load resistance, impact resistance and reaction to fire, durability, and the characterisation of the fixing components necessary for the surface to be conveniently incorporated onto façades.

External cladding for ventilated façades with the CE marking offer performance that has been assessed by a third party and performance characteristics that have been confirmed and contrasted according to European methodologies.

The full text of the ETA 14/0413 can be viewed here.

Cosentino Group Ends 2014 With Presence on Five Continents; Anticipates Gross Revenue of $684 Million

New York, NY (December, 2014) – Cosentino, the global leader in the production and distribution of innovative architectural and design surfaces, announced at its annual Strategic Conference that the company will end 2014 with a sales presence and fixed assets on five continents, a milestone achieved following the recent opening of a logistics platform in South Africa. Additionally, Cosentino expects to end the year with gross revenue of $684 million, representing an increase of 14.7 percent compared to 2013, with over 90 percent of its sales generated outside of its global headquarters in Spain.

In an opening address, Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, President of Cosentino Group, highlighted the worldwide launch of the ultra-compact surface Dekton; the growing digitalization of the organization; and the company’s unwavering commitment to job security at all production centers. The address identified the diversification of niche markets as a future challenge, in which the incorporation of new talent and increased internal promotion of employees based on their continuing education will be a driving force.

More than 70 representatives attended the annual conference, held December 15 and 16 at Cosentino’s headquarters in Almeria, Spain. This year’s event included the incorporation of representatives from the company’s new markets of Japan, Turkey, Israel, Canada and South Africa.

Continued international expansion, linked to the variety of innovative systems for sales and distribution, has been identified as one of the most notable achievements for the year. In 2014, Cosentino opened 10 new Centers, one Cosentino City Center, and established a presence in the new markets of Canada and Turkey. Currently, Cosentino operates directly with employees, fixed sales, and production assets in 29 countries, and is projected to employ close to 3,000 individuals in the year ahead.

Innovation was a central theme for the year, as Dekton, the revolutionary ultra-compact surface, garnered worldwide recognition and numerous accolades. It has enabled the company to increase activity in the world of architecture and design, as well as strengthen its presence in new market segments such as façades and outdoor applications.

Over the course of 2014, Cosentino celebrated a number of partnerships with well-known individuals in the international fields of architecture and sports. The company continued its collaboration with the architect Daniel Libeskind, including a presence at the Venice Architecture Biennale; partnered with Italo Rota at Milan Design Week and with Steffen Kehrle for the “House of Dekton” project. In the United States, Cosentino renewed its commitment to the Make It Right foundation. In October, the company announced a new partnership with professional tennis player Rafael Nadal in which Cosentino will contribute materials to the star’s tennis academy.